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Image: Asbestos Services
Image: Asbestos Services
Image: Asbestos Services
Image: Asbestos Services
Image: Asbestos Services

Asbestos Services

Even to those outside of the Construction Industry little needs to be said about the hazards associated with ASBESTOS. It is essential to be aware of statutory Regulations placed on Building Owners, Occupiers & Property Managers, relating to Asbestos in Buildings.

Lane Environmental & Lane Roofing services provide a range of services, from Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Register through to Asbestos Removal under Licence (licensed by the HSE ALU). Services also include encapsulation of Asbestos, cleaning and sealing of Asbestos roof sheeting or cladding, Weathered Roof Asbestos Protection System (wRAPs) and Oversheeting Systems to incorporate upgrading for roof insulation.

Our experienced teams are committed to maintaining the highest level of service, ensuring the safe completion of contracts in the prompt and efficient manner that our clients have come to expect. With the current Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, requiring non-domestic property owners / those who lease and are responsible for maintenance, to manage Asbestos in properties it is becoming increasingly important to employ experienced and knowledgeable contractors who are Licensed.

From initial enquiry, through to practical completion we aim to offer a ‘one stop’ service for clients’ delivering total project management through our team of experienced professionals, providing budgeting, project programming & project management.

Lane Environmental & Lane Roofing have experience working with Asbestos cement based products and those responsible for the maintenance repair, renewal or treatment of ACM’s (Asbestos Contained Material) & associated products, engaging competent and qualified personnel to carry out the assessment, inspection, removal, repair and renewal.

Offering a complete service for the safe removal and the treatment of Asbestos cement based products, the hazards associated with Asbestos-containing materials have been widely publicised in recent years by The Health & Safety Executive. Following the introduction of stringent statutory Regulations, The Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 (CAR 2012), it is essential that building owners, occupiers and facilities managers amongst others are fully aware of their responsibilities as ’Duty Holders’ with regard to the management of Asbestos in buildings to ensure compliance with CAR 2012.

We are approved and fully licensed by the Health & Safety Executive to conduct work with and/or safely remove all types of Asbestos Materials. Our extensively trained and experienced staff is regularly monitored and receives up to date training. As a result, the requirement of ’Duty Holders’ to engage competent and qualified personnel to carry out any works associated with Asbestos material is fully met by us.

Our solutions to Asbestos issues and the service of undertaking projects ensure full compliance with HSE Guidelines including the CAR 2012 and our approach gives the Client/’Duty Holder’ confidence that the project is designed to meet their own operational needs and are conducted within the guidelines.

Providing solutions to the problems arising from the introduction of the current Asbestos Regulations including:

  • Removal & Replacement with non-Asbestos materials
  • Treatment Coating
  • Over- Sheeting
  • Repair & Maintenance Programs

All of the above have varying implications regarding costs and performance, to find out more on contact us and discuss your requirements.